A bit about Cage of Crows:

Pretty. Dark. Blue.

It's a theme that seems to prevail throughout our music. Pretty tunes, with dark and sinister undertones. Contemporary stories told with a gothic/jazz/blues feel.


"Cage of Crows" (formerly "Little Red Dog") have quickly progressed from being a purely acoustic duo to a musical performance team covering dark, gothic jazz/folk/blues and contemporary alt-folk. When caught unawares, we've even been known to perform the occasional happy song.


Our portfolio of music, and that which we take to our performances, is rapidly moving towards performing all-original material. Many of our songs are drawn from real-life events. It is the true stories and the characters with whom we cross paths that make for stories that are told with passion, compassion, and emotions from deep within. Yet in all of this there is, inevitably, a hint of our influences - the likes of Tom Waits, The Cowboy Junkies, Heather Nova, Beth Hart, Over the Rhine and Ledfoot, to name but a few.


As the Steampunk sub-culture regains momentum, we find ourselves increasingly involved in alternative festivals, Steampunk and Goth events, playing alongside some of the UK Steampunk greats - a position that we find sits comfortably with our developing music and performance.


We were talking with some people just after we'd performed at Whitby Goth weekend recently - their words, a quirky but heartfelt compliment:

"When you started, we didn't know what noises were going to come out. We certainly weren't expecting 'that'. But we loved it!"